Wednesday, April 25, 2012


U is for Unskinny Bop. You know....the song by Poison. If you don't know....that just proves that I am old. However....I suggest you look it's pretty rad. Yep....I said rad. I have no actual idea what an unskinny bop is....I Googled it and I got several ideas....boinking fat girls, doing sex without a rubber, one night stands, something about a guitarist sleeping with a porn star etc etc but nothing concrete. My take on it is is's just sex without commitment of a relationship.... because one of the lines in the song is, You're saying my love won't do ya but that ain't love written on your face. So obviously it's not the school girl crush's the I'm going to screw your brains out look. If you are not familiar with that face go look up any episode of, Rock Of Love, the reality show with, Bret Michaels, the singer from Poison. It's basically several sluts in a house all trying sleep their way into Bret's wallet. They are all very good at the fuck me face. I have gotten way off track here....I just wanted to raise a glass to a wonderful song. So....cheers!


  1. Your off-trackness made me laugh. House of rock...I haven't the words for that mess. and I think A-Z stole all my funny, glad you didn't lose yours...4 more days.

  2. Thank you....I feel like my good stuff is all gone....This forced blogging instead inspired blogging is killing me. But you haven't deleted me yet! woot woot.