Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Twist Of Lime

T is for Tonic....as in Gin and Tonic. Now I know y'all have heard me talk about my undying love for boxed wine.....and I'd never kick a cold beer out of bed either but as far as cocktails go....gin and tonics are my thing. It all started several years ago when I had to take a work trip to Reno (woot woot).....my Aunt met me out there and we had THE BEST time. Lots of gambling, sight seeing, food.....and that's when she introduced me to gin and tonics. There we would sit...playing video poker, smoking cigarettes and sipping our cocktails in some dark bar of a casino. Seriously....one of my favorite memories of all time. So now every time I slurp down a G&T the nostalgia comes back and makes my drink just that much better. What's your fav drink????


  1. I'm a vodka w/a splash of club soda kinda gal. Although this past weekend I managed to suck down a bottle of Red Rum, sure do like my Red Rum.

  2. Red rum??? I've never had it....I better try it! :)