Monday, March 7, 2011

Some Women Dig MinPins....Not Me..But Some...I Guess I had some responses to a post I did....He's Just Not That In And Out Of You....most of which were women in denial about why their men were not giving it to em like Charlie Sheen on a Wednesday night bender....listen up dumb is what it is....and if you wanna keep fooling yourselves then fine but make sure you buy rechargeable batteries for your vibrating panties. Then I got a response from a man who had to be yanking my chain.....he said he doesn't tickle his wife's fancy very often because he's embarrassed of his tiny dick....what the fuck ever.....I don't believe any man with any type of penis would ever turn down sex from someone he I call BULLSHIT....if for some reason this is true let me give you some advice....BANG HER....she married you small pecker and is your job to prick her pin cushion as often as you can.....if it were a problem she should have said something so I'm guessing it's a non issue...and if you really just can't bring yourself to draw your sword or in your case...Swiss Army Knife then for crying out loud man use the excuse of tiny pee pee syndrome to talk her into popping the pudding hole! She won't need to sit on a bag of frozen broccoli then next day and you get to feel like big fish in a small pond for the first time in your miserable jock stuffing life. It's a win win....she may request you gobble her goulash first but hey we all do before we put on a performance. So claim your fame Tiny Penis Man...and if she says no a game of putt butt golf....put a Superman cape on and go at her vagina like a whack a mole game.....good luck and peace out!