Sunday, January 22, 2012

Not So Crafty Bitch

I feel like a giant idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I decided I NEEDED to have the kids help me make one of those melted crayon projects for one of my windows. You know a bunch of crayon shavings melted between wax I bought a box of cheap crayons...found my iron and pulled out the wax paper....then I just fucking stood there wondering how to shave the crayons....first I whittled at them with a butter knife but that went to slow...then I used a box cutter but only ended up chopping my crayons into bits...then I got a "great" ideal...I would use the cheese worked...and it was quick!!! woot woot....until I was done and realized I completely hosed my kitchen utensil....FAIL!

To make matters worse....just today (a week after the incident) I was checking out blogs and saw that someone else was doing a similar project so I had to see how they shaved their crayons (tee hee...that sounds dirty)....that's when it happened....the moment I had to come to terms with the fact that I am mentally challenged...I wanted to die....I started to cry...which quickly turned to laughter at my stupidity. Do you know what normal people use to get crayon shavings???? I'm sure you do....because chances are you are not retarded like I am. They used a motherfucking pencil sharpener! Yep....DUH....why did I not think of this???? I am so ashamed of myself...but apparently not enough to no share my blunder with y'all. Hope you are having a good laugh at my expense....otherwise this is all for nothing. Wish me luck on my next project.....Peace Out!

The finished project

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