Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Put Your Drinks Up....

Don't you hate when you decide to try a new food or drink thinking it's going to be awesome and it ends up being wicked gross? I like to purchase those drink mix thingys that are single serve packets because plain water is just...well....plain. I usually get raspberry, fruit punch and some sort of mandarin green tea but to mix things up a bit I decided to get this dragon fruit had a pretty picture....sounded exotic and I was super excited for it but it ended up tasting like cat food. I should have known better...anything with the word dragon in it should be a warning. Since when does dragon mean good?? However I am considering changing the buzzword, ninja to dragon....(that's for you Micah) anyhoo....back to my drink....this dragon fruit could have potential if I mixed it with tequila and lime but then I wouldn't make it to parent pick up without getting arrested so I think I will just throw the shit out or donate it to a witch for her potions. I am all for trying new things but I will be more careful of the names....they say don't judge a book by it's cover but they never said anything about beverages! Well, gotta go...there is a sale on Crystal Lite at Target...gotta beat all those skinny bitches in their spandex capri pants to it...Peace Out!

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