Thursday, January 19, 2012

What They Didn't Teach In Driver's Ed...

I think back and remember all the not so nice things I have done to people over the years....and for most of them I feel a little bit bad...and there are a few moments I really wish I could take back....but anything that involves road rage...I feel perfectly ok about. I am so sick of asshole is my public service announcement for all you young assfucks out there that think its perfectly ok to "drive" around like its ok to treat other drivers like they are inferior....especially those you who are shitty to mini van see the majority of mini van drivers are moms or dads and chances are those parents are sleep deprived, haven't had a shower and woke up to the dog sifting through the garbage and you just cut them off....guess what??? That was a bad are now the straw that broke the camels put their children in danger, you were rude and now you unleashed a world of shit....parents do not put up with outside bs....we already deal with Sharpie on the walls, gum in the hair, jumping on the bed and broken...well now there is no more tolerance left for the 22 year old Jersey Shore wanna be that is driving like a demon on the way to tanning salon. We are going get you...and you should know it's going to be bad....parents are not afraid of push and 8lb screaming child out of your vagina (or even see it happen), clean up boogers, poop, vomit etc. from places that God did not intend us to see and tell me that you and your used crappy 3 series BMW will be a match for me and my wrath. So the next time you think about taking my turn at the stop sign....remember....I will find you...plant drugs and porn in your trunk and call your tag in....If I haven't just decided yank you from your vehicle through the windshield by your hair and strangle you with the seat belt.....while all the other parent drivers help hide your car in the bottom of a river. Well...gotta go....I need to head to Walmart....this should be interesting...we know all the pleasant sophisticates stroll around there... Peace Out.

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