Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sing A Song For Me

So this morning my very talented toddler was strumming on her pink princess guitar and singing, the tar (meaning guitar) the tar goes ting ting ting the tar the tar goes woo woo woo. Now I don't know about you but I'm pretty darn sure she is a future Grammy award winner...and she better take me as her guest to the Grammys... after all I bought that guitar and I have always wanted to go to an awards show! If she doesn't take me I'm not going to feelings will be hurt and I will just have to write a book about her called, My Turdy Daughter Didn't Take Me To The Grammy Awards...which will be a best seller, be turned into a sit com (probly on FOX) which I will be begged to be a writer on and BOOM I win an Emmy. Guess who I take as my date to the Emmy Awards??? Duh my daughter who snubbed me....the talk shows will eat it up....however I will be wearing a full length black gown, long sleeves and high neck with her name written all over it in red swarovski crystals....which will land me on some horrible show that Joan Rivers will still be hosting due to her deal with devil, and I will be all over the E! channel as worst dressed....but I am totally ok with that because for every second they are talking about my dress they are not talking about that annoying Kim Kardashian! I just hope my sex tape doesn't get out....well better go....I need to go drop 100 pounds and make a sex tape...Peace Out!


  1. This is a genius example of the butterfly effect!

  2. I love the way you think! Hahaha! I'll be watching you on the big screen! Lord, imagine Joan 20 plastic surgeries from now! *shiver*