Saturday, January 14, 2012

I'd Give You My Last Glass Of Wine....

If you looked at my friend list you would notice that I surround myself with a wide variety of people....which makes me feel better about myself...I always feel so ridiculously opinionated that I was beginning to think I was a huge turd. But considering the people I consider my friends and the fact that I can point out things I love and admire about all of them I think there is hope that I am not a giant asshole. I have single moms, single dads, clergy, child free, super educated, creative, rednecks, young folk, several races and religions, gay, straight, slutty, animal lovers, sports freaks and the list goes on and on and on.....but what I really dig is that they all bring something to the table and are willing to share it with me...I learn from them all and I hope they know that I love them for it. I know people who would never spend time with someone like nails and boobs aren't fake (but I really want fake funbags) my cars are old (but paid for) I swear and tend to drink like a sailor.....I am what you call...white trash. But the people who snub me can suck it....I have an army of friends who are not close minded dipshits and deserve my prayers(yes I pray) and concern. I will never understand why they put up with me and all my craziness but I'm glad they do.
So... this is one of the very few warm and fuzzy posts...I prefer my borderline psychotic rants but just in case one of my homies needed to hear me say that they matter...because we all have days like that....I thought I would put it out there for them to see. Now I need to go out in the world and get pissed off about something....I hate this mushy shit. Peace Out.

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  1. Great post - the army of friends you write of are the only people worth paying any attention to. Like my best friends who, after I had an encounter with a very angry and childish acquaintance, told me they'd fuck her shit up if I just said the word. Those friends are the ones that deserve our time and warm fuzzy posts like this!

    Stop by and visit sometime