Friday, March 9, 2012

My 5 Things Worse Then A Pap Smear one of my friends has an amazing blog, Solitary Mama and on Fridays she does Stupid List Fridays. Today's list was 5 Things Worse Then A Pap Smear. You should read it . the end she asked her readers to take a stab at 5 things that we consider worse then a pap I know how friggen awful those things are...but I think I can think of a few things....

1. Tooth lasts longer and is likely more expensive.

2. The Kardashians....nuff said.

3. Getting Dutch Ovened.....that's when you are in bed and your mate pulls the covers over your head and farts. Luckily my husband isn't stupid enough to try this....he knows I would end up barfing and he would get to clean it up and in the end never get sex again.

4. Getting parenting advice from strangers in a know when your toddler is having a meltdown over pop tarts and all of a sudden some old lady who hasn't raised kids since the Great Depression tells you to just buy the pop tarts or worse when some hippie chick suggest that you buy organic patchouli cookies that way your kid wont have sugar withdrawals. My response to those people is never a nice one....but that is an entirely different blog post.

5. Lindsay Lohan's performance on SNL....I just felt so sorry for myself while I was watching it. Tragic.


  1. Nice list, my friend! Y'all both had me laughing!

  2. haha! Love this. Okay, getting dutch ovened sounds like cause for junk punching. Actually #4 too. Not a fan of inhaling farts or snooty old ladies at the grocery store.