Monday, March 12, 2012

Juice Cleanse Update #13

Day 9....later afternoon. Well...not much to report. I'm about the same. Feeling pretty good. Wish I had pushed myself a little more to get some exercise in but all in all I am happy with what's going on with my results.

Since my post has nothing interesting I am going to give you a list of things I hate buying at the store....not that they are interesting or that you care but it will add some bulk to my post.

1. Paper towels...they are expensive and then you throw them out. It kills me.

2. Q-tips....not that they need to purchased frequently but for some reason I can never locate them in the store and it puts me in a bad mood.

3. Cat litter....its heavy and yet another thing I'm just going to toss it will include turds....awesome.

4. means I have my period so obviously I'm in pain and to top it off I get to spend money on cotton plugs and pray I don't ruin my favorite yoga pants. (chances are I'm buying a cake and huge bottle of booze too)

5. Socks.....the friggen cat (who needs the litter) has a fascination with socks and drags them all no matching pairs ever leave my house. I once had a cat that ate socks....only the dirty ones....weirdo. I also hate wearing sock... just the idea of my foot being enclosed freaks me it's just not a comfortable purchase.

Ok, well now that I have bored you to tears have a great day and remember.....I'm probably only a few months away from another diet so prepare for the insanity! Peace Out.


  1. Paper towels -- yes! I know I should just use reusable towels, but paper ones are so convenient. Also, I hate buying toilet paper, which is pretty much a cross between paper towels and kitty litter. :D

    1. I fully believe when you are born you should be gifted a lifetime supply of toilet paper!