Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Juice Cleanse Update #4

Day 2 breakfast time..... My darling children got bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches and I got green cap in a cup....seriously I don't even care....I just want my head to feel better.

The caffeine withdrawals have set in....my brain feels like a fondue pot....all melty with metal pokers in it. If drug addicts suffer like this then I totally understand why most of them don't recover. I hurt so bad that I'm not even hungry. What a way to get healthy.....just be in so much pain that the thought of food doesn't cross your mind....I'm fairly sure that a serial killer thought of this....evil rat bastard.


  1. I've been planning on doing this forever. I've heard it helps with migraines. Not sure if you have those but I do occasionally and it would be worth trying. Good luck and congrats to you for making it to Day 2

    1. That's why I'm doing it...my migraines are getting more furious & frequent....so I'm praying this helps. I'm also praying for pizza but hey....