Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Juice Cleanse Update #8

Day 3....just before dinner time. Well...I'm still bored...but more blah then bored. I noticed that I haven't been craving soda or booze....which is weird....I thought those would be harder to let go of then food. Back in the day my diet consisted of Diet Pepsi, gin &tonics and the occasional hot dog from the Pilot gas station. As time has gone on I am definitely more of a foodie and I am more of a wine girl but yea soda and booze are still my I find it odd that I could give a shit about those....

The cravings for meat are kicking up....ribs, chicken, burgers etc....I'm having a hard time feeling full today....and I haven't really dropped anymore weight. I'm feeling a tad defeated. When I say tad I mean I want to launch a chair into a window and smash my fucking juicer into tiny little bits....but instead I will blog and drink more stupid water. Cheers Bitches....

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