Sunday, March 11, 2012

Juice Cleanse Update #12

Day 7 late morning. Well...I am way less of a lunatic then I was..(about the diet that is....I'm still a nutjob). In fact I'm feeling amazing. I'm down 18 pounds, the headaches are gone and I just feel better all over. The time change made it a little difficult to get up and at em this morning but I already got a lot done and now I get to spend the day having fun with the kiddos. I'm so fricken motivated to drop all this unhealthy bs and just be me. I've always be fucking fabulous but it takes less effort now ;) I still have weak moments....last night I wanted onion rings sooooooooo bad...but the craving passed just as quickly as it tears or meltdowns! I wish I could see the weight loss in my body...well I can but it's all from my boobs....they are always the first to go. No biggie nothing a pair of gym socks can't fix hahahahahha. I remember I went to flash my husband once and the two pairs of socks I had stuffed in there went tumbling! Well gotta go....I need to go fill this day with my awesomeness! Peace Out!

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