Saturday, March 10, 2012

Juice Cleanse Update #11

Day 6...early morning. Well...I totally cheated...I had dinner last night. I didn't go all crazy I had baked mahi on spinach....and it was amazing. I still intend to juice but yep I failed the total cleanse part. I'm down 14 pounds and it's keeping me motivated. So here I sit with my glass of lime water and soon my green juice. The weather is improving so I will have no excuses not to take the kids for walks and get my heart pumping.

The mornings are interesting...I still hate getting up....but not because I feel exhausted or's just because I hate mornings...I love being all warm and wrapped up in my blankets..I have always been more of night owl....but at least I don't feel as sluggish anymore.

I figure I'm about 10 pounds away from fitting into some new jeans and I really want to put on some sexy new jeans!!!!!!! So I can't just say...fuck it....I just gotta keep going...and I intend to. I had to have a pep talk from the hubbs tho...I got pretty down on myself....but even with the cheating I didn't have any booze, sugar, carbs or caffeine....I guess it could have been worse....I could have murdered a box of donuts and sucked down a box of wine like it was a Capri Sun (which yes I sadly have done before).

Well off to start my day....feeling motivated and ready to get back on the donkey. I know the saying is get back on the horse but horses scare me so I'm going to say the word, donkey is really funny to me... just say it over and over and over....tell me you don't laugh. No? fine...maybe it's just me. Oh well...I've always been easily amused. Peace Out!

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