Monday, February 15, 2010

Ice Packs and Animal Crackers

Well my adorable yet slightly crazy toddler has been sick this week which makes her equilibrium even more off then usual. Even from the womb she's been labeled The Little Nutjob....and now that she had hit terrible twos...well...yea...the nickname fits....however I don't know if she will make it to see age 3 if she does not stop falling all the this kid will live to tell the tale of childhood is beyond me. My oldest child was never this nuts...uncoordinated yes... but not this whole Evil Knievel/ WWE things is just freaking me out! She has no rules (as far as she is concerned Mommy just says things to say them) and does not seem to care if something failed before...she's going to try it again... Just this week she face planted in an Old Navy trying to escape her little Monkey harness thing...which I swore I'd never use on my children....until I realized that my toddler was more like a rabid pit bull then a sweet dolly loving little girl. Then she decided to play let's grab Mommy's glasses and run and she smacked her face on the corner of cabinet.....a few hours later she fell off my bed...backwards no less while performing let's not let Mommy put my socks on....and then the grand finale was while watching her favorite show Hanna Montana... she was singing into a brush and spinning in circles and fell between her bed and a toy box....causing her ear to bust open and bleed and a small yet deep scratch on the other side of her head....what really got me was how she got up and finished the song before she started to cry....she's a true performer. Her spills and mishaps are the point where I think I will just make her wear a snowsuit and helmet at all times....and my fear is as time goes on she will get worse....have you ever seen a small child pick up a cat that weighs in at 25lbs and throw it over their head??? I have....stupid cat still comes back for more too...he loves her....(no worries the cat landed on the couch and is fine) but what will she get into as she gets older....maybe she will be in Strongman competitions and throw Volkswagens or something....I just hope her agility gets better....not that she has much hope....I too fall on a daily basis....usually doing something very difficult like putting on my underpants or trying to get into my truck....I have mad skills...more like mad cow skills but whatever. My husband is who I blame for my darling daughter's total lack of self preservation...he's done all sorts of stupid stuff in the name of fun...and now has the scars to prove it...awesome. Thank goodness I have great insurance. Well...gotta go...I hear Walmart is having a sale on band aids and neosporin...see ya in the waiting room of the ER...Peace out.

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