Monday, January 25, 2010

Who cares if I leave the cap off???!!!!

Ever wonder if the one you are with could be "the one" is one of my ideas to help you decide...should you base the entire relationship on it's food for thought.....I have noticed that if I can't stand watching them brush their's a no go....and I know that sounds bit crazy...and let's face it...I'm a bit on the abnormal side to begin with...but just roll with me here....ok...think about it....when you brush your teeth you make all sorts of fucked up faces...and all sorts of fucked up noises....some people even stick your tongue move your lips all's really just a horrible thing to if you watch your partner and it does not bother you then cool...but if you see them working on their pearly whites and it freaks you out or annoys prepared for other things to do that as well. I dated this one guy who at first I thought was very cool and fun and not bad looking...but as time went on I finally saw him brush his teeth...and it annoyed me..for some reason the way he held his mouth while brushing just made his teeth look like giant bowling balls and he did this weird stance with his neck...he looked so distorted like an alien or he held the toothbrush weird...almost like a pencil (maybe he was a bit gay...who knows)...the whole thing just made me upset. Now any other time of the day his teeth, neck and hands didn't really bother me but I made damn sure I wasn't around for tooth brushing time...and as time went on just hearing him made me want to knock all his teeth out so I wouldn't have to endure it ever again. Then other things got in the the fact I noticed how he walked in socks compared to barefoot or with shoes...very weird...and I added it to the list of odd things that bugged if I could not handle those things a few months time it would have been absolute pure torture...
I know at first when you are in a fun fresh relationship you think little things like that are no big think you will get used to them and you focus on the good stuff like the hot sex, long conversations and the new fun things ya'll do together...but down the line something little like the way someone folds their towels can turn into a big deal...I know some stuff I do... ok lots of the stuff I do drive my husband friggen crazy...but he also finds them somewhat endearing....however someone else would be repulsed by when I come home I walk to a spot in the house...and it's never the same one...and I literally kick off my flip flops....they fly up in the air hit the wall and land about 2 feet apart from each other....then that's where I leave them till I need them again....and my husband busts my balls about it once in awhile but he's not going to crack one day and cut off my feet because he just can't take it anymore....and for him when he gets all macho and uses his deep voice he tends to narrow his eyes...normally I would pick on someone for that...but with him I find it sexy and I want to jump him....for some reason that whole I'm gonna kick your ass look just gets me all hot and bothered....but if I saw some other dude do it...I would laugh my ass off and tell them to knock it off.
So...all in's not always the big things that make your relationship's the everyday does he have a normal laugh or one that will drive you to puncture your ear drums...does she leave her tampon box on the toilet during her he prone to ball itching in public....does she crack her knuckles at dinner...stuff like this can make or break your life take time to be honest with yourself...and look at that will be worth it in the long run...and I know ya'll are dying to ask about if when my husband brushes his teeth does it bug at all...he brushes them hard and strong....just like something else he does that way...and I don't mind one bit ;)
Well gotta go....need to put my makeup box away before he catches it in the sink again and then I will pick up his socks he left under the coffee table..then we will go nag our teen about how she keeps her room...that's a whole other battle...Peace out!

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