Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Not so "kool"

Well...the fun never ends in Mommy Land...last night as I was in the kitchen enjoying some quiet time doing arts and crafts I noticed my toddler decided to play with a package of tropical punch Kool Aid....at first I had reservations about this but noticed she kept putting in a drawer and then taking it out mumbling something about shopping...so I decided it was alright....about 20 seconds later I look over and all is still well...how-fricken-ever by the time I turn my head back to my project I hear her sweet little voice saying "mmmm num buzum buzum" I whip my head back and friggen sure enough she's got her damn pudgy finger in the now ripped open package and she's eating the powder!!!!! For some reason I panic..instead of just taking it away or telling her to set it down I started yelling for her older sister (don't ask why..I still have yet to figure that out)....that in turn scared the hell out of my toddler and she whips the package up in the air...the powder comes raining out all over the place and into her eyes...she starts screaming and my husband grabs her up and rushes her off to the bathroom to flush her eyes....I decide to try and clean up the powder that sprinkled all around the kitchen...and in yet another moment of brilliance I use a very wet paper towel to clean the floor...which made it look like I killed that fat annoying Kool Aid Man right there next to my fridge....I'm guessing the dust buster thing would have been a better idea....but I'm not very domestic and I'm learning things as I go...but damn..really...I'm going to blame it on lack of sleep. Anyways....once I clean up the red sea I go into the bathroom to check on the child and hubby....I find that he has her in the shower because she was a bit more covered in powder (now called Devil dust) then I thought......she's fine...she's not in pain and she is now...well...red. Yep...her sweet little face, hands and chest...all stained bright red...fucking awesome. Not that she usually isn't some other color due to markers or paints but that is only like a finger or two...not half of my child...oh well...lesson learned....only let her play with non staining drink mix....lmao...jk...maybe we will stick to plastic play food for awhile....well gotta go and wipe off the glue stick she wiped all over my dryer door...don't ask....thank goodness she's cute....Peace out!

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