Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Just had a...I Hate Myself Moment.....I turned into exactly what I resent....the boring voice of reason. There is not much that I love more then to get all fired up over something really stupid....I like to Tweet evil shit about whatever/whoever pissed me off...I like to talk on and on to my husband about the wrongs of it and I like to post obscenities all over my blog about it....and just when my juices are flowing and I'm feeling all excited and happy about my retaliation some "boring" asshole comes along to poo poo it...they tell me it's no big need to be so upset etc etc and then I fucking hate them! Well....just today I crapped on a friends I feel like a big douche. You know life gets so routine and day to day and sometimes all we have is the little makes us feel alive and real....and after a day of diapers and dinner dishes my ranting is all I have to make me feel important....and I took that away from someone.... I'm pretty much a to my fellow fighter of dumbshit....I'm sorry and will proceed to go fuck myself....and not in a fun way. Peace Out!

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