Friday, November 6, 2009

Sporty Spice....

As of late my moods have been swinging in just full force...I have 6 weeks left till push time and I am a friggen wreck!!! However after a few meltdowns the other day and some kind words from my darling hubby and wonderful friends I chilled out a bit, took a bath and decided to watch some TV. I LOVE this newer show called's's pretty much like the show Web Soup...not to be confused with The Soup with Joel McHale...I love him...he's friggen hysterical...and then there's The Dish on the Style channel with that girl from that show...she sucks but the show is good.....then I think there is a Sports Soup with the Go To Guy from Clean House....I don't really watch that one...not because I don't like the host...but I really don't know when it's on and I am not that into sports...don't get me wrong...I love me some Gator football...but Tim Tebow has a lot to do with that....and I watch some of the NFL games but not enough to really know whats going on other than Farve is collecting social security and still playing....whatever...but all in all I don't understand most sports and well...I don't care to. If there is no physical contact I really don't care to's is the most stupid thing I have ever heard I know lots of you love it....good for you...I just don't get it....a guy with a tiny shiny stick hits a tiny little ball from one patch of grass to another...big friggen deal. They don't have cool wear super cute sweater vests and nifty visors....bleh...and to top it off when they sink the put or whatever the hell the scoring is...the crowd just does a little one wearing head to toe paint jumps up and one does the wave....there is no band playing Final Countdown...and I'm suppose to get all amped up about this?! Golf was invented by douche bags that don't want to cut the grass on a Saturday....and by guys who think they look sexy in Dockers....I mean who really wants to go stand outside in hot weather and play with shafts and little balls??? Loser husbands that have a bit of gay curiosity that's who!!!!! The only saving grace that golf has is that Justin Timberlake plays it....I don't know why but he does and I love him so I will refrain from saying any further evil things about golf...BUT just so you know...guys...wives of men who play golf know what the 411 is and that is why they invented book clubs....we don't really give a fuck about the new Nora Roberts...we are drinking margaritas and getting lap dances from the stripper we hired that's dressed like a firefighter (you know a real man not some polo wearing golf cart renting half flaccid a-hole). So every time you are out playing with your sticks and stones with your buddies....remember rock hard covered in baby oil Cody dressed as Tom Cruise from Top Gun is rubbing is ding ding in your wife's face. Sweet dreams :)

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