Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Softer Side

So last night I was staying up waaaay tooooo late with my not doing anything naughty...I'm to damn pregnant for that...we were just relaxing and watching Conan O' hubby loves him...I don't totally get his humor but I don't mind of his guests was Seth Green...someone else my hubby thinks is awesomely funny...and I love just because of his crap movies like Can't Hardly Wait...sooo...Conan asks Seth if reads what people write about him on the Internet...and he goes into this spiel about how it's poison and people only write stuff on the internet to get others to tell them how smart they are or how funny they are and that these people possess no other skills...well when I thought about my case..he's mostly right...I do love getting feedback it does make me feel good to have my friends say that I'm hilarious and well....other than changing diapers and making Pop Tarts...I really don't have any useful I totally fall into that here's the deal....I am damn good at being an asshole and a negative Nelly...I find it to be therapeutic and funny...I'm just not really a silver lining type of girl....I don't mean any real harm with my writing (most of the time)...I just find the negative more amusing...however...I did look back and see that my stuff is sort of lacking anything I find positive in life (other than the whole thing about my husbands huge balls) so...I am going to share with you a list of 10 things that truly make me happy so that ya'll don't think I am pure piss and don't get all upset I'm not going to put stuff like; when my children smile and knowing God's love...that's all a given and I don't feel like getting all deep and emotional...I'm also not going with shock value like I normally do and talk about how my big yummy ass looks in boy shorts or getting mind blowing sex....that is also something that is a given...and this one time it's about getting to know the real here goes!

01. Shamrock Shakes from McDonald's...I love them...I get all excited every year when they come out and I drink them at least 2 times day for a week and when they are out I'm actually sad for about 3 days.

02. Pedicures....I love to have my feet done...I'm not all about getting my fingernails all spiffed up or facials...but a pedicure...that will keep me smiling for days!

03. Naps...being able to sleep during the day is awesome...the warm sunlight coming in...some peace and quiet when it would normally be crazy...ahhh...yep finding a treasured quiet time to sleep during the day is like a little mini vacation!

04. The movie Varsity Blues....I know the whole thing by heart and if it's on I can't not watch...I know it's horrible acting etc...but it always puts me in a great mood!!

05. Airplanes....I love planes...I like looking at them, I like hearing them, I love being in them...the thrill of take off..the sleep I get while in the air...airplanes are my favorite form of transportation!

06. Halloween...the smell of the candle burning in the pumpkins, seeing the children all dressed up in costumes and passing out candy...all make for the coolest holiday ever!!!

07. The song Steal My Sunshine by Len, it's a weird little ditty that was popular in my early 20' still puts me in a fun bouncy mood and I love when it gets airplay!

08. Wearing my boxers and hubby's t-shirts....nothing more comfortable in the whole world!

09. The smell of a night blooming jasmine plant....sweet and lovely...automatically makes me smile....I've tried buying jasmine scented perfumes and air fresheners....but they are not the same as the plant's truly just a relaxing smell.

10. Video clips of cats and kittens doing silly things....I can't resist a little furball playing on a piano or a giant fat cat trying to chase a toy....cats make me smile...and they are always doing something goofy...fine family entertainment!

There...see..I can be somewhat normal and appreciate the small things in life....and believe it or not there are a few more...but a girl has to have a few secrets and I prefer ya'll knowing the more cynical this will be all the happy go lucky sharing I do with you. Now if you will excuse me I need to go put my hair in a side pony and lip sync a Tiffany song into my hairbrush....then maybe I will watch guys get hit in the nuts on YouTube. Peace out my homies...I hope your bubble of the evil me has not been burst...

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