Friday, September 17, 2010

Warning....This Is About Sex Organs!

So...the other day I was going threw this sex toy catalouge....I was doing research...(LOL...take that how you want to) and I came across this adorable battery operated vagina. It was a really pretty shade of pink and almost looked like a flower....I said to my husband...Babe look at this adorable fake vagina...he glances over and says...Oh yea...that's what yours looks like...then he continues with whatever he was doing. I just sat there with that....hubby say know, one eyebrow cocked and mouth half open....thinking he's smoking crack. Here's the deal--- I have given birth to two children...after the first one I had approx. 30 stitches...and the second one needed help getting out so my lovely doc went in elbow deep to pull her just can't come back from that!!!! I do my own gardening...and trust me my whoo haa looks nothing like a pretty pink looks more like a chipmunk that got run over. The only beautiful thing about it... is that it still works. Think about it...if that kind of trauma happened to your wouldn't friggen work anymore...the doctors would fill it with spackle (or whatever doctors use) and tell you to wear your hair long.....but when your juice box get's damaged they tell you to do some kegels and your all better....and it's true....tight as spandex on a drag queen once again...just not as attractive. But you know what rocks??? My hubby still loves my girly bits and can't get enough of it! I thank the inventor of the light switch....what you can't see won't scare the crap out of you. LOL Have a great day.

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