Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Yes...You Are An Idiot

You know what I hate???? Stupid dumb bitches.....like anyone that dates K-Fed or Jon Gosslin....totally deserves to get gonorrhea....it is very public that these guys are worthless turds and yet they keep finding retarded hookers to spend time with. When are women going to learn that people do not change??? They may adjust a little but come on...a shit is a shit is a shit....like me....yes I'm a shit...and most of the people in the world can not tolerate me...and few thought I could be "fixed"...well....they were way off....however after many tries (not like hundreds...but you know a couple)...I found a man that for the most part can put up with me...and he knew what he was getting into....you know why...because he wasn't fooling himself....guys usually don't....chicks on the other hand always make excuses for men....STOP BEING AN ASSHOLE.....if you need to defend a guy...then he's not worth it! I don't care if his dog just died or his ex is Satan....I don't care that he suffers from small dick syndrome....he's a douche!!!!!!! You know it too....you just don't want to believe it.....and guess what I don't feel sorry for you if you let yourself get jacked over by him....have you not learned your lesson from the last guy that stole your car and banged your hair stylist???? I understand that shit happens...but when you see it coming and you jump right in.....you deserve to paddle in the pool of crap...
You know what else I hate???? Stupid dumb bitches that ask my advice and when I give it to them they act like I am a dickhead....if you don't want to know what I think...don't ask me....I will tell you that you look fat or your hair is gay or that yes the dork you met on MySpace slightly reminds me of child molester.....so if you honestly don't want to know....then ask your cat. I'm to old for beating around the bush and with all my kids you are damn lucky I answered your call to begin with so let's not waste my time.
Now...just so you know...I'm not honest with people because I like to hurt feelings (well not the feelings of people I like)....I just think if you can't be honest with yourself....someone needs to tell you....I have thanked many a folks after it was too late and I didn't listen..so now I really do take what people have to say into consideration....I also try to not repeat history....but believe I always find new inventive ways to fuck myself over....it's a gift. I would prefer my loved ones not be screwed and perhaps take a lesson from me....cuz trust me...the school of hard knocks is not about getting banged till your toes tingle..wish I had known that before I enrolled in the class....
Life is frustrating enough...don't add to your stress by trying to find love where it's just not going to happen....and don't ever ever ever wear red spandex....that's just wrong..for everyone...all of the time....that shit should never have been invented.....
Well better go...I have an e-mail to send to Jesse James....he's going to be single soon ;) no worries....I don't want to marry the slut...I just wanna see him naked. LOL Just kidding...my husband is way hotter and much less promiscuous than that jackass! Peace out!

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  1. hahhahahaa im digging this one and i met my dork on myspace and he isnt a child molester missy lol. I like the broken ones they are more fun then the perfect ones because then I dont have to worry with being perfect. We are all fucked up individuals who will find another fucked up individual and make perfect fucked up couple woot kudos again