Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lost My Appetite...

So....I have a friend who writes this pretty rockin' blog, Bubble Gum On My Shoe. Her writing always pisses me off because it's grammar issues, the spelling is correct, and she is actually interesting. She had this hilarious post awhile back about Dogtopus Soup....yea you read that correctly.
It was a hit and we joked around for some time about how we couldn't find a more disgusting dish if we wanted to. Well guess what.....I stumbled onto one this morning. Yep....just when I thought the food nightmares were behind me I found TURTLE BURGERS!
Oh my hell....who in their right mind would make these??????? You are seriously several forms of nutjob if you do. Don't get me wrong. I have a crazy sense of humor. I do odd shit all the time....but creepy food (that would require my children get mental help) is not one of them! I would feel like some sprouting serial killer if I made these...let alone forced my family to chomp down on one. Bleh. I think I will stick to burning Pop Tarts and ordering pizza.


  1. Omg. You win. That is way more disgusting than Dogtopus Soup. Wait. I don't know now, they both make me feel like Ima puke.

  2. I agree this is the mother of all things disgusting! Love your posts, keep them coming.

  3. minus the hotdogs id prob try (its got bacon):P

  4. For the love of all things edible....Maj is right you win. I almost threw up in my mouth. What is it with hotdogs? Aren't they bad enough as is? I need to leave now, queasy...glad you're back and thanks for the love!

  5. What's that taste in my mouth? Oh that would be the taste of bile rising!

    If you thought that was bad, check out the 'meat baby.' Gives a whole new meaning to 'he's so cute, I could eat him.'