Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I will find any excuse to not do the dishes....

I like to purchase a certain brand of dish sponges....they are spongy on one side and sorta scruffy on the other...they are usually very colorful and have some hippy looking pattern on them. I was stoked when I found a 3 pack on sale......woot woot (I'm sorta cheap). I opened up my pack...put one by the dishes and the other two under the sink. I noticed that they were purple, pink and white....pretty right? Till I started to wash dishes and instead of the usual flower designs it was a pic of of three women....CREEPY! I felt I was sticking their heads under the water and smashing their faces up against my dirty dishes. I get's just a sponge but it weirded me out and damn it I have 3 of them! Doing the dishes is now going to give me an ulcer... I guess I could imagine that these women on the sponges are evil and deserve the torture....terrorists or something. I can see it now I will be screaming at the sponge, Tell me what you know!! Nothing?? Fine...Into the water you go!. Why don't I just buy new ones??? I told you....I'm cheap. So till my creepy lady sponges are dead I will just be a little eccentric while doing the dishes. I'm little weird anyway... Peace Out.


  1. Why the hell is there a picture of 3 woman on a bloody sponge?!

    Only you can write a post about sponges and make it hilariously funny.