Monday, September 5, 2011

Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbors Wood

You know you have a problem when you steal from your own I'm not talking about drugs.....yes drugs are a problem just not my problem...I'm talking about crafts. I am a craft head....ha ha get??? like crack head but crafts....not funny? Ok..on to my story....
Last night I hit a new low in my quest for craft supplies.... We were invited over to a friends house for the first time and they live in the most beautiful area, great house, surrounded by trees and that's where I stopped of late I have needed twigs and branches for craft projects and I do not have any while outside of my friend's home I started wandering around looking for branches on the ground to take....however they clean their yard and I could not find any....I got to the front of their home and found this awesome birch tree...I shook the tree, nothing fell....I kicked the tree, nothing fell so I jumped up and grabbed a branch....totally not expecting to break off I didn't brace myself and to my surprise the branch snapped right off and came falling down to the ground....and so did my ass....quickly trying to recover before my friends decide to come find me I shot up to my feet only to hear their neighbor across the street chuckling at me :/ ......that wasn't the worst I had to get into my mini van. I open the back door and hastily started to shove it in...but it caught on my stroller and stabbed me in my boob!!!! Now I'm holding my wounded funbag and yelping out cuss words only to once again hear the neighbor chuckle at me....I finally get the lengthy branch in my vehicle and head inside.....realizing the easily humored neighbor would tell them what I did I decided to fess up....luckily they found it funny and didn't ask me to leave. However if I do ever get invited back I am bringing some gardening gloves and a saw! Well better go... I'm off to make some masterpieces with my stolen wood....let's hope getting it out of my van is easier then it was getting it in! Peace Out!

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