Friday, May 6, 2011

Hope You Stocked Up On First Aid Kits....You Will Need Them

So there is this new show on TLC called Extreme Couponing.....and it's making my life a living hell. Now every time I go to a store....any damn store...Target, Walmart, CVS etc etc there is some white trash asshole with her carts full of shit she doesn't need and her piles of coupons. Why do you need 17 nail clippers????? and why on earth can you not just sit on your front porch drinking Budweiser like the rest of depressed lower middle class??? I ran into the store for bread, clear nail polish & a pack of gum and got stuck behind your fucking ass trying out your new hobby of getting something for nothing......isn't that what you use to complain about with mothers on food stamps and illegal aliens getting medical benefits but just because you used a scissor and swiped 4 extra Sunday papers it's ok for you to do it???? Don't get me wrong I like my Kohl's cash and BOGO offers but I'm not out to stock pile generic lip balm in my garage for some great chapped lip!!!!! And lord help you if I go to buy something I really need and use like Clorox wipes and find the shelf will get knock your cart over, smack your coupons out of your hand and beat you with my diaper bag ugly....stop being such a selfish asshole and stop going into the 20 items or less lane....or I will hit you in the ankle with my shopping cart....several times. Peace Out!

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