Thursday, July 15, 2010

Jekyll & Hubby

Question. you have an alter ego in the bedroom? I don't.....unless I've had some tequila...but that can go from superfreak to puking in the bathtub real quick so it's not worth working with....however my hubby has one....he's like the Hulk....if I get him all reved up it's like he disappears....and this other more aggressive, testosterone filled, adrenaline fueled caveman appears....I have named him Tim.....why Tim...that's an entirely different post.....but Tim does not do gentle or romance....Tim does the yank your hair, throw you around and bang you till your ovaries come out of your mouth kind of stuff. I'm not complaining's really delicious stuff....however...I'm not always aware that Tim is in the room and I get caught off guard....its important that I take safety precautions if he's there...the other night Tim woke me up for some organ grinding and decided to flip me over....well me not realizing this was about to happen I didn't brace myself and I almost broke my twisted the wrong way and I didn't stick the landing.....I yelped out in pain like a chihuahua but Tim didn't even notice...he just kept on busying worries I'm ok....just had to ice it for a few days.....and the end result of it all was more then delightful....
I remember the first time I met Tim....he scared the hell out of me....there's a look in the eye....and a bit of a growl....I felt like a rabbit that just realized it was being hunted....I almost ran fact I started to scoot across the bed wondering what was going on.....and quickly realized it was over he was up in my...uh....face.....before I could even think of what to was that night I learned the difference between getting some and getting ravaged.....and Momma liked it. The only slight down side is that I bruise it's not hard to tell when I have been bounced around a few times.....well and one time I pulled a muscle.....and that time I jammed my toe....but those are small prices to pay to the sex gods for lusty carnal love. I don't know exactly what unleashes the inner beast but I'm glad I can do front door is not so happy with creeks a little now....but hey with an ass like mine it's lucky that it's still in tact. Well better go....I need to restock my night table...gotta have plenty of water, a fresh towel and an two ice for whatever limb I damaged and one for my freshly buttered muffin. Peace out!

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  1. Have I told you lately how great you are at writing? Even if it is about me love you babe!