Saturday, June 19, 2010

Do You See What I See????

The other day we went to drop off my teen at the mall with her friend.....then the rest of the fam and I decided to run some errands...after a long hot afternoon our last stop was Lowe's .....with the baby asleep and the toddler in a good mood I decided to wait in the car with the kids and just let the hubs run in....I guess somewhere between singing some Lady Gaga and Patty Cake I noticed my boobs were askew so I dove into the front of my pink t-shirt and started adjusting my bazoombas....with the fun bags in place I start pulling my arms out and look up to find a little old lady staring at me. Now realizing how weird this must have looked I decided to just continue to creep her out and instead of a friendly smile or just ignoring her I quickly whipped both my hands out and placed them up to face and then deeply it was fine wine or perhaps some sexy cologne on my hubby's neck. I took a quick peek at the old lady to find her with her hands over her mouth and a look of fright on her face....aaahhhhhh.....gotta love it! To top it off I licked my finger tip as if it were covered with sugar....this made my crypt keeper observer flee.....ha ha ha ha doesn't get any sweeter than that....but the whole ordeal reminded me of time I was once again waiting in the car and noticed a cabby parked under a tree....he was bopping his head to some music and all of a sudden he friggen pulled out his dentures and started looking at them! He had this odd look as if something were wrong (at this point it could have been anything) and then....he licked them!!!!!! OMFG He licked his fucking false a giant Popsicle!!!!! Gag me with a damn spoon! I squealed like a small child and covered my eyes....when I look up he had replaced his teeth and had gone back to rocking out with the radio.....I will forever be leery of cab if I didn't think they were odd enough......I have seen The Bone Collector! Well homies better go...I'm going to CVS I hear they have a 2 for 1 on floss. Peace out!

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