Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Review Of...Red State

So I very rarely do reviews of books and movies...mostly because no one gives a shit what I think. But for some reason I feel the want/need to put a review out about this movie. Let me start with why I even watched it... I like Kevin Smith....I'm not like a super fan and know all his work inside and out but I dig the dude and his he was on Degrassi ;) Anyways.....I came across a more recent Q&A thing he did on Netflix (damn I love Netflix!!!!) and he spoke a lot about this movie he did, Red State. I was all WTF??? Why have I not heard about this movie? I guess too much Gilmore Girls on Netflix. So the Q&A things was great and so out of major curiosity I looked for the too was on my reaction/review of Red State: FUCK YEA MOTHERFUCKER! It was brilliant....the cast was just beyond your first screaming O awesome. I was impressed by every single person in the movie. The writing was fantastic.....I love that Kevin tackled this and did such a genius job with it. Was it fucked up and crazy....fuck batshit. I have zero clue if this flick won any awards (I'm too lazy to Gooogle) but I really hope it did....screenplay, best actor, supporting actor etc.... My guess is no...only because I watch most award shows and I don't really remember anything about it....however I'm usually pretty drunk during those so....who knows. I think some of my more reserved friends won't really dig's got some filth to it....I hope that doesn't keep the majority of people from checking it out.... I wish I could ask Kevin if I was suppose to find some of it hysterical??? Maybe I did because of my upbringing or I'm a twisted fuck....who knows. If you want a synopsis...I'm not great at doing those I tend to spoil shit....let me try: "Christian" Fuckers.... IDK...look on IMDB...they do a better job....well it is their job so.. If y'all watch it let me know your thoughts. Peace Out.

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